Thurs (10/14) 7:30pm**
Fri (10/15) 7:30pm*
Sat (10/16) 7:30pm**
Sun (10/17) 3pm*

Thurs (10/21) 7:30pm Pay What You Will**
Fri (10/22) 7:30pm*
Sat (10/23) 7:30pm**
Sun (10/24) 3pm*

*Macy Waid as Alice
**Jandilee Ramos Richards as Alice

$15 Advance
$13 Advance Senior/Student
$17 At Door
$15 At Door Senior/Student

Based on the beloved classic tale of Alice and her adventures through Wonderland, this charmingly clever and imaginative adaptation is a family-friendly romp filled with zany and wild characters. Step into the theater, transport yourself through the rabbit hole to Wonderland, and you’ll never want to leave the Tea Party!

Alice in Wonderland features a cast of 15 including Macy Waid and Jandilee Ramos Richards as Alice (alternating shows), Dr. Michael Richards as the Narrator, and Claire Parsley as the Queen of Hearts.

Brought to you by the directing team from Annie, Diary of Anne Frank, Little Shop of Horrors, and The Fantastiks, JP Gulla and Claire Wayman. They are joined by lighting and sound designer Mark Dowdy, costume designer Devyn Shea, and stage manager Emily Winter.

The cast is rounded out by the White Rabbit (Elina O'Hare), Mad Hatter (Daniel Over), March Hare (Amanda Mauer), Caterpillar/Knave (Mark Dowdy), King of Hearts (Eric Hedrick), Cheshire Cat (Baylee Miller), Doormouse (Erin Loker), Humpty Dumpty/Tweedle Dee (Devyn Shea), Tweedle Dum/Cook (Evelyn MacDanel), Dutchess (Lea Hedrick), and Knave (Bridget Mangan). 

Alice in Wonderland

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