Lauren Davis, Vice President
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Lauren Davis originally joined the Valley Playhouse Board back in 2016 before taking a sabbatical and returning in 2020. Now Vice President of the Board, Lauren looks forward to building the local theatre community and outreach.

Lauren has performed and assisted with several Valley Playhouse productions including: "Little Shop of Horrors" and "You Can't Take It With You." When not working with the Valley Playhouse, Lauren is the Retail and Marketing Director of Entlest Brands LLC. 

Nicole Faut, Secretary

Nicole is a lifelong theater and arts lover, and paints in her spare time when she is not vindicating the rights of workers as a labor and employment attorney at a plaintiff-side firm in Washington, D.C. She splits her time between Washington, D.C. and a house on the Shenandoah River from the 1780s that she and her partner are working to restore.

Gail Arthur, Treasurer

Gail has been volunteering with Valley Playhouse for more than a decade since her daughter was in Trumpet of the Swan 17 years ago. She has been involved since then performing,producing,  painting sets, assisting with costumes and props; and serving as president, secretary, and treasurer of the board. A pediatrician by training, she currently lectures part time in the JMU Health Science department.

Noel Levan

Noel Levan has acted, sung, danced, worked tech, ushered, fund-raised, designed and accomplished theatrical lighting in several community theater companies from the age of 8. He is apt to relate stories from his life; whether of theater engagements (including off-off Broadway), or his unique and unusual life experiences. And what's worse is, he'll tell those stories in public!, for the sheer fun, and the gratification of hearing a pin drop once he begins. His ideas have included Valley Playhouse's past two years of its Community Theater Invitational Fest, which brought many theater companies to Harrisonburg to share scenes before a live audience of appreciative theater-goers. He's also one of the founders of the Friendly City Food Co-op, where he is currently a board member. He enjoys being of value to Valley Playhouse and to Harrisonburg. Noel has served in the Shenandoah Valley as a Family Mediator for the past fifteen years, helping families have difficult conversations toward outcomes of "What'll Work" for a foreseeable future. He accepts referrals through the Fairfield Center.

Mark Dowdy

Aside from the electronics tinkering and PC building, Mark spends many hours on stage and on ladders involved in theater productions in the area. He’s performed roles in the Valley Playhouse’s productions of The Fantastiks, and Little Shop of Horrors, and designed lights for several shows including Steel Magnolias, Kiss the Sun, Kiss the Moon, and A Streetcar Named Desire.

Josh Mitri

Josh is a life long theater lover; he started acting on stage before he could even walk.  He got his chops here in Harrisonburg doing sound and lighting in Court Square Theater for the Playhouse.  In his free time he enjoys tinkering with technology and pondering the cosmos. Josh is proud to be part of the Valley Playhouse Board since 2020 and he looks forward to bringing entertainment and joy to your day.

Claire Wayman

Claire Wayman has been active with the Valley Playhouse since 2015 and has previously served as Secretary to the Board. She has been involved as an actor, choreographer, and assistant director. She has also been involved with ShenanArts, the Oak Grove Theater, and the Children’s Theater Workshops at Blue Ridge Community College. She lives in Harrisonburg and works as the Marketing Director for the Harrisonburg Homes Team, part of Kline May Realty. She also enjoys playing flute and handbells.