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By Lewis Carroll
Director: J.P. Gulla
Assistant Director: Claire Wayman
Stage Manager: Emily Winter
*This is a non-musical version of the play*


Alice  - Macy Waid/Jandilee Ramos Richards

White Rabbit -  Elina O'Hare

Mad Hatter - Daniel Over

Hare - Amanda Mauer

Caterpillar  - Mark Dowdy

Queen of Hearts  - Claire Parsley

King of Hearts - Eric Hedrick

Cheshire Cat - Baylee Miller

Doormouse  - Erin Laker

Humpty Dumpty - Devyn Shea

Narrator  - Dr. Michael Richards

Tweedlee Dum  - Evelyn MacDanel

Tweedle Dee -  Devyn Shea

Cook -  Evelyn MacDanel

Dutchess  - Lea Hedrick

Knave  - Bridget Mangan

Tiger-Lily  - Mark Dowdy

Daisy  - Elina O'Hare

Violet -  Eric Hedrick

Marigold -  Erin Laker